Online course material for part 1: Introduction to sustainable development and environmental history

Here you will find all the required online course material (video lectures, audio lectures, films and articles) for part 1 of the course in a week-by-week format.

During part 1 of the course you are required to read: Ponting, Clive, 2007: A New Green History of the World. Deadline for reading the book is Tuesday October 16th.

    Besides reading the book you are also required to watch all the online lectures and read all the online articles posted week by week. Please do not skip ahead in time, read the articles and watch or listen to the online lectures for each current week. If you skip ahead there is a chance you might miss material that haven't been posted yet. When the current week starts all the material in that week is definite.

Don't forget the other deadlines for Part 1 of the course:
Week 39
• Deadline: Thursday September 27th submit the assignment Personal environmental history.
• Friday September 28th at 10:00-12:00 am Personal environmental history: online seminar in groups (via Adobe connect).

Week 42
• Deadline: Tuesday October 16th submit seminar assignment for week 42.
• Wednesday October 17th at 18:00-20:00 online seminar: Sustainable Development and Environmental History (via Adobe connect, in discussion groups).