Global Sustainability Studies

GLSSThis course package at CEMUS, a part of Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, CSD Uppsala, gives you the opportunity to study and discuss the greatest challenges of our times in a creative and inspiring setting. This fall semester course package of 30 credits offers you the choice of the following courses:

IMPORTANT! Mandatory roll call Monday September 1 at 15.15 in CEMUS Library, Lab, Lounge, Villavägen 16. Map: You have to attend in person (with valid reason, send a stand-in) at the roll call and remain active throughout the course, otherwise you will permanently lose your place. If you are on the list of reserves, you also need to attend the roll call. As a reserve you will be able take the course if the admitted students don’t fill the limited number of spots on the course.

Questions? Send an email to daniel.mossberg[a]