Master Programme in Sustainable Development: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Science

MSD Intro

Roll call and course introduction
Monday September 1 at 10.15 in Ekman Lecture Hall, EBC, Norbyvägen 14. Map: The same morning at 9.00-10.00 study counsellor and former MSD-student Sebastian Welling welcomes you with "fika" (coffee, tea, and more) in CEMUS Lab/Library/Lounge, map can be found here:

About the course
The course is given September 1-18 and is worth 5 credits. It's built upon active student participation and a co-creative process of learning and teaching. You can read more about CEMUS educational model at and Uppsala University's guidelines for students and teachers "Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University". The master programme is hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

Learning outcomes from the course syllabus.
On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • gather and compile relevant scientific literature in printed and digital form;
  • use scientific literature according to different disciplinary and interdisciplinary traditions and work methods;
  • define and evaluate ethical questions with relevance for sustainable development;
  • analyse scientific concepts and their field of use;
  • scientifically communicate in spoken and written form, within and between different scientific areas.

Contact us at jakob.grandin[a] and daniel.mossberg[at] with your course specific questions. Questions concerning the programme should be sent to susdev[a]

A warm welcome to the MSD Intro course at CEMUS!

Jakob Grandin
Educational Coordinator CEMUS

Daniel Mossberg
Director of Studies CSD/CEMUS & Acting Programme Director CEMUS

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Seminar task 2

Seminar task 2: literature, writing & ethics is available here:

Dougald Hine’s lecture references and further reading from September 1

Dougald Hine's lecture references and further reading from September 1 can be found here: Dougald Hine-2014-09-01-references

Self-study week 37 updated!

We have now updated the self-study page for week 37, see:

There's more than enough to process on Monday and Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday will have more material added. The page is continiously updated with material such as powerpoints, quotes, links as we move through the week.

Self-study week 37

All material and text have yet to be included, but there's plenty to do over the weekend. We will continue to update the page until Monday morning.