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Master Programme in Sustainable Development: Worldviews & Visions and Worldviews & Discourses

MSDWelcome to the courses Worldviews & Visions - A Seminar Series and Worldviews & Discourses - A Seminar Series! Both courses are given by CEMUS at Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, CSD Uppsala.

Roll call and course introduction
Friday March 6 at 10.15 in room Norrland II Lecture Hall, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16. Map: www.geo.uu.se/om-oss/geocentrum.

About the course
The two courses, Sustainable Development – Worldviews and Visions – A Seminar Series, 5 credits, and Sustainable Development – Worldviews and Discourses – A Seminar Series, 5 credits, critically examines the concept and idea of Sustainable Development. The Seminar Series is part of the Master Programme in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The course consists of several different seminars (September-December and March-May) during which we will discuss a variety of topics together. We will also be visited by guest lecturers from different academic fields.MSD

You can read more about CEMUS educational model at www.cemus.uu.se and Uppsala University's guidelines for students and teachers "Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University". The master programme is hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

Contact us at malin.ostman[a]csduppsala.uu.se with your course specific questions. Questions concerning the programme should be sent to susdev[a]geo.uu.se

Warmly welcome to the spring seminar series 2015! Below you can shortly find the tentative schedule. The course is given on fridays all semester. See you soon!

Malin Östman
Educational Coordinator CEMUS



First Literature List, Click here! - First Literature list spring

Second Literature List, Click here! -Second Literature list spring

Reading for April 24th, click here...

Bo Kjellén

Literature for spring course. The following books will be used during the spring course. (Articles will be added):

Books can be bought online, search several sites for best price etc. Also available at some student bookshops.


A Perfect Moral Storm - Stephen Gardiner, Oxford University Press 2013

Born Under a Bad Sky - Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch 2008

Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation publication





Schedule & Info

The literature will concist of a number of articles as well as online resources and books.

First literature-list

Second literature-list Click on this link!

The course books are as follows:

# Atakilte Beyene , Havnevik Kjell, Matondi Prosper BvumiranayiBiofuels, land grabbing and food security in Africa

London : Zed Books, cop. 2011

# Birkenstein Cathy., Durst Russel K., Graff Gerald"They say/I say": the moves that matter in academic writing : with readings 2. ed.

New York : W.W. Norton & Co., 2011

Higgins Polly.Earth is our business : changing the rules of the game

London : Shepheard-Walwyn, 2012



Schedule & Info

The course books this semester are:
Climate Wars - What People Will be Killed for in the 21st Century
Harald Welzer

A Perfect Moral Storm -  The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change
Stephen M. Gardiner
(This book should be avalible for free via UU for students, contact the library resources for help or find it via ub.uu.se)
 Articles and required preparation, research for the seminars are stated in the schedule.
Additional articles posted and handed out during the course of the spring semester

The books are available through the internet (such as adlibris.se) and also at both Studentbokhandeln and Akademibokhandeln bookstores in Uppsala. There will also be some copies of each book available in the CEMUS Library – you may not take these books home- they are only for reading in CEMUS library. 


Assignment for Literature Seminar on the book Climate Wars

Role Play - 2 parts (Including final paper)

Extra Task missed seminar march 7th

Extra task missed seminar March 14th

Extra task for missed seminar March 21st

Extra task for missed seminar March 28th

Extra task for missed seminar April 4th

Extra Task missed seminar Welzer

Extra task for missed seminar may 26

Extra task for missed seminar May 9th

Extra task for missed seminar May 16th

Assignment for May 23rd

Extra task for missed Role Play

Programme Role Play


Course Info Spring 2013

Course Info Autumn 2012

Course Info Spring 2012

Archive 2007-2011

Powerpoint pres

...by Magnus posted under "Examination" above.

See you friday!:-)/Malin

First literature list posted above!

Assigned articles for the first seminar sept 19th

The reading for the 19th is:

Handout from Gilbert Rist book The history of Development (ask me if you have not gotten this - it will be handed out on sept 12th)

Article by Wolfgang Sachs (also part of introduction course literature): http://www.oxfordscholarship.com/view/10.1093/019829509X.001.0001/acprof-9780198295099-chapter-2 (available through Uppsala University Library)

Article by Warren Brown, Kirk and Kasser, Tim: Are Psychological and Ecological Well-being Compatible? The Role of Values, Mindfulness and Lifestyle: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2307/27522510?origin=api (available through Uppsala University Library)

In the coming week a literature list with assigned reading will be posted and also presented on the 19th.

Kind wishes and see you soon! /Malin


...a tentative schedule can be found above.

Please note that you should use this schedule and NOT timeedit. The schedule is tentative and you will be given a new one when the course starts.


Kind wishes/Malin