Online course material for part 4: Looking forward – Can we learn from history?

Here you will find all the required online course material (video lectures, audio lectures, films and articles) for part 4 of the course in a week-by-week format. In this last part of the course there is only material during one week, as you have much to do with your article.

You are required to watch all the online lectures and read all the online articles posted week by week in part 4.

Don't forget the other deadlines for part 4 of the course:
Week 50
• Saturday December 15th: mandatory article presentation and discussion in Uppsala (CEMUS student library, 19:15-15:00, Villavägen 16, see e-mail for mor information). The article assignment: What can we learn from history? Your article should be ready enough to present and discuss with your classmates.

Week 51
• Wednesday December 19st: final deadline for the article assignment: What can we learn from history? Submit the article on
• Friday December 21st final deadline for submitting replacement assignments (for missing a online seminar or a meeting in Uppsala).