Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden

SDSWESweden is often portrayed as a world leader within the sustainability field, but does Sweden live up to that image? Which Swedish examples can serve as inspiration and a model for sustainability on a global level?

The concept of Sustainable Development has become one of the most contested and important concepts of our time. Although the concept was first introduced in response to environmental concerns, it has been defined primarily by the mainstream tradition of economic analysis and policy making, which tends to marginalize the issue of ecological sustainability itself, and sideline social and ethical concerns.

This course takes a closer, critical look at how Sweden has worked with sustainable development historically and how well current initiatives can serve as a model for sustainability on a global level. Discussions of Swedish examples also serve as inspiration for how to work with practical sustainability, as well as learning from mistakes made in past and current policies.

Students are invited to delve into the depth of Swedish society in order to address these questions and critically explore the mechanisms that either progress or hinder sustainability.

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