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Sustainable Design - Ecology, Culture and Human Built Worlds

How can an interdisciplinary approach to design unlock new creativity and beauty? How can different design solutions in nature serve as a model for new human made designs? And what are the limits of human ingenuity and creative design? With inspiration from ecology and nature, the course tries to reach practical conclusions on how creative design can contribute to a sustainable and better world. The course combines interactive workshops with inspiring guest lectures.


THE NEW SPRING 2016 PAGE AT THIS LINK : http://www.web.cemus.se/sdesign/

Poster Printing and Sustainability Festival

Hi everyone,

Here's a roundup of some key info from our last workshop:

POSTERS. Submit your A1 sized posters tomorrow morning, so we can send them for printing tomorrow afternoon. Please try to keep the file size low enough to send by email (under 20MB) and if you can't, let us know soon and we will try to solve it.

YOUR POSTER DISPLAY. You will need to be at your poster/display table from 10-12:30. Arrive at around 9:30 to give yourselves time to set up the table and posters, etc. We will visit you every table with Prof. Tuula Eriksson btw 10-11:30 and discuss your design project, ask questions about decisions you made. Everyone in your Design Group needs to be present for this visit, and at least two of you need to be with your poster the whole time. This day, along with your submitted Design Project Portfolio and Individual Insight short paper, form last of the assessment in the course.

THE REST OF THE FESTIVAL. Check out the schedule online at http://www.csduppsala.uu.se/2015/cemuse-sustainability-festival

or on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/368335716624291/

All the best,

Alejandro & Lakin



Final Class This Week: Workshop 3 including course evaluation and final discussion

Hi everyone,

This week is our final class together. It's been quite a trip so far! As you know it's not quite over - we'll finish with a great day on Thursday the 28th.

This Wednesday during regular class time we be working on your poster design, and showing some examples of various poster designs, including some student work from last year. We will also take part in a final course evaluation including both an active and written evaluation which is really important to the course and gives us all a closing to our work together.


This is the first and only time in this whole course we use this word explicitly but it's important you know that... this workshop is compulsory (mandatory, non-skippable, must-be-there, your life depends on it)!  🙂

See you there,Alejandro & Lakin


Update Meeting

Hello everyone,

Time is running fast and the Design Project is more than half way through! During the last weeks you have been working in your design project and there are still a few weeks left before you will submit your poster and the final portfolio. As you saw during the Peer Review 2, different groups are in different points in the process and that’s fine. However, it is time to consider what is left for you to do and decide how and when you are going to do it.

Read and explore the points 6 and 7 of the Design Project to get more inspiration, and remember that you have tools and exercises for idea generation, etc. in the Design Project Space that you can use.

As we told you during Peer Review 2, next Wednesday, May 13th, we will have the Update Meeting with the examiner, Tuula Ericsson, professor in Landscape Design and Architecture, and with a lot of experience working with design projects. She will be with us to know what you are doing and to be familiar with your projects before the Sustainability Festival. She won’t be there to examine you during the Update Meeting but to give you feedback in your process. See her as a valuable resource to solve doubts and improve your design process. She will be from 10 to 15 minutes with each group and she will make suggestions and comments. As you have been doing during the Peer Reviews, present your problem, how your process is going and show her your preliminary results, solutions and/or prototypes and also prepare questions and doubts for her.

For the Update Meeting the class will be divided in two. One half will meet at 17:15 and the other half 18:35. The groups will be working in the class and Tuula will share up to 15 minutes with every group in the order you have here:


  • Group 9: Food+Agriculture
  • Group 4: Green Home
  • Group 8: Fantastic Five
  • Group 3: Resolve


  • Groups 7: WWW – Wasted Without Waste
  • Group 6: Natural Spaces in the City
  • Group 5: Fresh Outta Food
  • Group 2: Mobile Energy
  • Group 1: Sparks

Have a nice weekend and good luck with your design project!

Lakin and Alejandro

Peer Review 2

Hi everyone,

Peer Review 2 happens tomorrow during regular class time. Peer Review 2 will take a different and more exciting form to Peer Review 1, with the whole class involved.

All Design Groups will be present for the whole session (as opposed to last time groups had specific meeting times a time booked). Instructions are on the course portal under 'The Design Space' tab.

Remember to send your Peer Review 2 preparations to your peer group! (Same peer group as last time).

See you there,

Alejandro & Lakin