ASC Autumn 2012 – week 3: PRESENTATION FROM SEP. 16

First thank you to all those that attended class and I was great to see the quality and level of interest. I most definetly look foward to working with you all! If you missed class on Sunday you will have a makeup assignment, contact me ASAP!

The presentation below (press the arrows to play + watch it in full-screen + turn the volume on) is supposed to be a overview of the themes and issues discussed in the course and the organization and method behind it. In so doing to help you starting thinking and feel comfortable with  the course goals, materials and assignments, some of which are due next week ( at https://studentportalen.uu.se/).

  • First there is RSAanimate video on which basically explains the philosophy behind  CEMUS. I also showed this presentation during class, which talks about CEMUS in detail:  http://cemusstudent.se/courses/about-cemus-presentation/ 
  • Then there is the syllabus, which includes the course goals, sections, due dates and assigments. You can also download here: Examination & final project instructions ASC Fall 2012 (revised 9-24)
  • The next sections is just a little personal introduction. During class I introduced my self and  what I consider a key historical event and story which brought me here (feel free to skip it). Then there is a framework which aims explains the types of change people may want and what questions they ask when they go about to change (or re-organization). Then of course (in class) you all got a chance to introduce yourselves. some of you started a facebook group, I suggest you join and re-introduce yourselves: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AASHT2012/
  • The section method, explains the approach of this course. Fundamentally consisting of a breaking down, what is a complex subject into the key elements. Then with a specific problem in mind, getting groups to focus on particulars of those elements and then sharing different insights in a constructive way.
  • The section on sustainability just shows two possible ways to relate to the issues discussed.
  • The section on change is supposed to represent some ideas on change and one framework to look at change culture. You can actually see the first chapter of the course reader there. Also download here: ASC COURSE READER CHAPTER 1
  • The section on strategy present some frameworks to help you evaluate the problems which you are thinking and preparing for your final project. In class you all got to this in groups. Also this section presents a brief introduction on some basic ways to think "strategically" about a particular problem( or re-organization). You dont have to follow or use this frameworks. But I think it will help you to both complete the assignments and complete them in a way that is easy for other to understand for other if you do. In short it provides a good baseline for discussion.




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