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Food preservation workshop

A quick note: please bring a glass jar from home (with a lid and at least 0.5liters) for making kimchi tomorrow morning.

Bring you own glass jar!

On tomorrows workshop at Valegården, you will all have the opportunity to make your own fermented vegetables. Please bring a glass jar, with a volume of at least 0,5 litres. If you don't have such a jar, bring 30 sek in cash and you'll get one from our lecturer Martin. At Valegården, you will also be able to buy nice vegetarian lunch for a cost of 40 sek (including tea/coffee and desert)!

See you tomorrow!


Getting to Gränby and Valegården

On Monday, June 30 we will be having class at 4H Gränby. Here is some info on how to get there:

4H Gränby
Norra Gränbyvägen 20
754 32 Uppsala
Bus stop - Gränby centrum
Buses - 9, 10, 41, 751, 770, 775, 777, 805, 811, 816, 886, 887, 889

On Tuesday, July 1 we will be having class at Valegården. Here is some info:

Alsikegatan 6
753 23 Uppsala

Seminar 2 – Make-up task

Is now available on the course webpage, under "UAG 2014 - Seminars".