ASC Autumn 2012 – week 1: Planet Earth and State of the World – Why change is needed


Reading: Worldchanging (2011) pages 11-26; and 443-539.

TEDxCanberra - Will Steffen - The Anthropocene

Lecture: Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development

Lecture: Dr. Colin J. Campbell discusses changes in world energy supplies

New Energy Era Forum 2012 - Dr. Colin J... by LocalCampus

Lecture: James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change
Reading: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math by BillMcKibben:

News report:Arctic sea ice 'hits record low' (part 1, click the link below to see the rest)

Lecture: Jared Diamond on why societies collapse

Documentary: The Crisis of Civilization

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