Location and Schedule Change this Wednesday, 8th April

Hi everyone, and Happy Easter!

Tomorrow's lecture 'Why Sustainability Needs Fiction: Design Fiction and The Future' will be pushed forwards in the schedule to the end of April/start of May (Date TBA). This is so you can all focus on starting immediately with your Design Group on your project work after the Easter break.

Tomorrow in class time (17:00-19:30) we will instead have a co-working session with your Design Groups at the CEMUS Library/Lab/Lounge. In this session you can together continue to work on the four steps from Workshop 2 (5W+H, "how might we....?", group assumptions, who could we talk to?), and to otherwise plan. Material from Workshop 2 is now on the course portal. Course coordinators will be available for any discussion, questions or help with this you may need (email us beforehand if you want to book a meeting at a specific time, otherwise we will be free). Attendance is up to you, however this will likely be a good time to meet with your group, as you all have this time in your schedules.

Also a reminder, you must submit a document which shows the problem your Design group will work on and the progress on the above-listed four steps by Friday 10th April. It is OK if this is not perfect or a 'work in progress', but you need to submit the progress you have made. Also include the title of the second course book book your Design Group has chosen from the provided list, or selected yourselves.

See you then, and apologies for late posting of this message,

Alejandro & Lakin

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