Confirmed Details of Field Trip (Check the times!)

Hi everyone,

Here are the details of our trip and guided tour to Varsalongen at Lilljevalchs, Stockholm. The tour has been booked and paid for all people who signed up, and we will also cover any entry fees.

Meet at 11:50 on Saturday 28th March inside the main building of Uppsala Central Station, through the glass doors at the top of the escalators (train leaves at 12:10, and we need time for all to meet and then get tickets.)

12:50 and then we walk across the city to Lilljevalchs, and we stop for quick coffee on the way.

14:00 Sharp. It is the last weekend of the exhibition, so the venue will be a little full, which will hopefully just add to the vibe. Those who live in Stockholm who will meet us at Lilljevalchs be there at 13:45.

15:00. We will then walk to get some food and drinks and chat more (Alejandro and I have some suggestions on where we can go), and people can suggest other things to do/ head off on your own.

There are trains leaving often, but we imagine taking the 18:10 train, depending on what we do. You are of course free to go back when you choose!

Lakin's phone number: 07 6090 58 52
Alejandro's phone number: 07 2873 15 78

Any questions let us know!

Alejandro & Lakin

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