Design Groups and more

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and you started the week with energy.

In the The Design Project Space, you have a document with a summary of the groups, topics and selected books. We have received most of your problems and the 2nd book choice via email but not all of them. Have a look into the document and if your group has a " * ", please send us the missing information as soon as you can (deadline April 15th at 14:00h).

This week we won’t have class but, as the previous week, we will be available at CEMUS to help you in your process. As we told you, different groups will be in different stages of the process. Some groups might need help to finish with the problem formulation and others might be collecting information and researching about the topic. However, remember that next week is the Peer Review 1 and you should be able to explain what you have, where are you in the process and where are you heading to (more info to come) to other groups and the course coordinators in order to get some feedback and keep working.

Good luck with your project and email us if you have any question!

Lakin and Alejandro

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