Poster Printing and Sustainability Festival

Hi everyone,

Here's a roundup of some key info from our last workshop:

POSTERS. Submit your A1 sized posters tomorrow morning, so we can send them for printing tomorrow afternoon. Please try to keep the file size low enough to send by email (under 20MB) and if you can't, let us know soon and we will try to solve it.

YOUR POSTER DISPLAY. You will need to be at your poster/display table from 10-12:30. Arrive at around 9:30 to give yourselves time to set up the table and posters, etc. We will visit you every table with Prof. Tuula Eriksson btw 10-11:30 and discuss your design project, ask questions about decisions you made. Everyone in your Design Group needs to be present for this visit, and at least two of you need to be with your poster the whole time. This day, along with your submitted Design Project Portfolio and Individual Insight short paper, form last of the assessment in the course.

THE REST OF THE FESTIVAL. Check out the schedule online at

or on the Facebook page

All the best,

Alejandro & Lakin



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