Preparation for the Seminar on March 13th


On March 13th we will have the Seminar Critical Analysis of Design. As part of this seminar you will review and discuss the content of one of the course books 'Thinking in systems' from Donella Meadows. As a reminder, the deadline to finish reading this book is March 13th, before the seminar starts.

In order to be prepared for this seminar, we list the definitions and concepts that you should understand:

- Elements, interconnections and functions of systems
- Reinforcing and balancing feedback loops
- Resilience, self-organization, hierarchy in systems
- Boundaries and clouds
- Limiting factors
- Systems traps
- Leverage points

Please also bring the book to the seminar since you will use it during the discussion.

Heleen and Cecilia

Ps. Do not forget to print and bring your research to the seminar as well (one copy per group will be enough)

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