Seminar I

Hej everyone,

After a couple very interesting guest lectures, challenges and readings these last weeks, we will take some time during next week’s seminar to look back and discuss what we have experienced so far. You will also have the chance to present and discuss the ‘Spaceship Earth’ assignment. In order to get the most out of the seminar we would like to ask you to prepare the following:

1. Bring a hard-copy (or the original) of your visualization for assignment 1. You will present and discuss this in smaller groups.

2. Think of a topic you would like to discuss further with the class. This has to be something related to what we have seen, heard or read about in class. For example it can be an article in the course reader, design examples used by the guest lecturers, a design method or theory, a book chapter from Papanek’s book, a specific mini-challenge, etc. Just make sure that this is something you can actually discuss; if you loved something, try to formulate why you think it was so great; if you are confused about something, try to formulate what you don’t understand; if you disagree with something, try to explain what your own thoughts are, etc.

Write this topic down on a piece of paper and hand it in to the course coordinators at the start of the seminar.

We would like all of you to be able to participate in the discussions, also when you are not discussing your ‘own’ topic. So make sure you are up-to-date with your readings and review the slides if you have missed a guest lecture.

The Sustainable After-Seminar
Some of the students have suggested to meet up after the seminar to have the chance to get to know each other a bit better. After class we will go to the Cemus library (follow the crowd if you don’t know where it is) for some drinks, snacks and fun conversation. We will get some (non-alcoholic) drinks and snacks for you, but the rest will be BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything).
Since you will be working more closely with each other later on in the semester, this will be a good opportunity to meet some new people!

Good luck finalizing your first assignment and remember: ‘If you think you can’t draw, too bad. Do it anyway’ (Tim Brown).

See you next week,

Lakin and Heleen

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