Sign up for trip to Liljevalchs, Stockholm

Hi everyone,

This is where it's proposed we go for a class trip:

Last class some people signed up, but many may have missed the sign-up sheet or weren't there. We need at around 20 people to make the guided tour worth it! even if you already wrote your name down, Please confirm again all the days you could attend on the Doodle link below (English option at bottom of page):

DETAILS: We will meet at 12:45 front the central station, then take the train to Stockholm. We then walk across Stockholm (in the sun of course) to the venue which is by the water, and we can have some coffee on the way. We will arrange a guided tour in English which will begin around 15:00 and finish 16:00, and then we can go for some food/drinks outside, or you can head back to Uppsala, this is open to what people want to do.

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