Tomorrow’s lecturer is also a fiction writer

Hi all,

Linn Spross, who will talk with us tomorrow about 'The Future of Work' has a foot in both the academic writing world (PhD candidate in economic history at UU) and in fiction writing. Her first book Grundläggande studier i hoppfullhet och hopplöshet (Fundamental Studies in Hopefulness and Hopelessness) was released in 2013 (it's in Swedish and I haven't read it). This is a rare mix in the university environment, I believe.

As you have just been handed the major piece of assessment in this course, and it's an individual written piece of written work, I mentioned to Linn that you as fellow writers may have a few questions about how to write in an academic context while keeping and even using your voice and your own ideas. She may be a rare resource on this topic. Tomorrow's session will be focused on the topic of Work, but it's up to you where the discussion goes at the end.


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