What to Bring to Peer Review 2 + Update Meeting with Prof. Tuula Eriksson

Hi everyone,

We are in the middle of the phase of the course when we meet less often, but shortly we will start to meet again every week in the lead up to your final designs and presentations at the festival on May 28. Below is some information about the Design Project, and instructions for Peer Review 2.

In Peer Review 1, we focused on your design problem and your first steps in the project. Peer Review 2 is next Wednesday, 6th May (Peer Review 2 was scheduled for 13th May but has been changed due to availability issues with our examiner Tuula Eriksson. Instead, the Update Meeting is now 13th May). You will still be sharing directly with the same groups as you did in Peer Review 1, but we will radically change the setup of the room, so expect a new format in which all Design Groups in the course will be present and participating. For this you will need to again be ready to talk about what you have done so far, but with important differences. Make sure all your Design Group members are present.

In the Design Project description you are asked to submit a Portfolio containing several components, (which closely mirror the steps we ran through during the weekend workshop) as listed below. Different groups are at different points in their process which is to be expected. But it's worth checking to see where you are, considering how much time we have left. If you are still on your problem definition, you'll want to get moving or ask for help (please do!).

-1 page problem definition
-Design requirements (design needs)
-Idea generation
-Idea selection
-Concept development
-Final design
-Written summary of final design
-Reference list

You are also asked in the project description to record and document your activities throughout your design process (interviews, photos, behaviour observation, pages showing idea generation, basic prototypes, etc.). For Peer Review 2, we will focus on these activities. In preparation for the peer review, answer the questions below briefly and email them to us in a Word Doc or PDF at sdesign@csduppsala.uu.se, and to your Peer Design Group (the same group you were paired with in Peer Review 1) by Tuesday, 5th May at 13:00. Make sure you're on time so your peers can be prepared for the discussion.

-How have you been going about your design process?
-What methods/actions have you tried?
-How have you conducted research and talked to people?
-If you have started idea generation or prototyping, how have you done it?
-What are your next steps?

There is no 'right answer' to these questions, as Design Projects vary greatly, however, you need to be ready to share and discuss. If you think it useful for the discussion, bring with you some documentation of what you have done, for example photos, paper from idea generation sessions, etc.

The following Wednesday we will have an update meeting with Professor Tuula Eriksson, who is also the examiner for the course, in which you will present your work so far and get some feedback and advice from her. Check the course portal again next week for mor detailed instructions on this.

Have a Happy Valborg,

Alejandro & Lakin


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