Week 42 (Okt 15-21)

Don't forget the deadlines for week 42: (see the deadline document, instructions for the seminar and the assignment instructions at the main page)
• Deadline: Tuesday October 16th: Submit seminar assignment for week 42.
• Wednesday October 17th at 18:00-20:00: Online seminar on Sustainable Development and Environmental History (via Adobe connect, in discussion groups).

Please do not miss the two articles in the begining of this week:

Article by Anneli Ekblom: Society, agency and environment: what we can learn from history

BBC History article on the effects of colonialism on the Irish Famine

For a subtitled version of Louise Leaky's lecture Who are we?, visit this link:
Louise Leakey, version with available subtitles

    Here's an audio lecture on the Neolithic Revolution from the Teaching Company: